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  • Kunal Kishore

Life back then

Wasn’t life smoother back then

In the busy streets, the traffic, the crowd,

There was a calmness to this chaos

a silent mind in a world so loud.

Wasn’t time slower back then

when we had to look at the clock,

Now time just flows by unheard of

like the smooth waves over a rock.

Wasn’t the sun brighter back then

Sipping on that cane juice by the road,

It’s all lost now: the thirst, the sweat, the sweet

the shade outside no longer a peaceful abode.

Wasn’t it easier to sleep back then

with so many experiences during the day,

Now it’s the dreams keeping us awake

hoping all of this is just a bad nightmare.

Wasn’t a smile so effective back then

spreading across faces like a virus,

Hard to find it now because of the masks

and the distance that's separated us.

Or maybe it was all so mundane back then

that we forgot the value of the simplest moments,

Now that it’s all taken away from us we’ve learnt

appreciating life for each second and every cent.

And it's not just the things we're missing now

but also the things that we've came across,

like the time with family, with ourselves, so much time

to introspect all this without worrying about any loss.

So yes it was all perfect back then

but what's the value of a drop when there's an ocean

no, it's only when the drought comes in that

the drop gets its value found under the sun.


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