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  • Kunal Kishore


Would I be strong enough

If I were to be someone

who lost you because of

the mistakes that couldn’t be undone

Would I be strong enough

We sailed through the hardships

making those priceless memories

Never tracking how time swept off

while we were discussing our daily stories

Who could have known

That there’d be a time without you

when only past remained and desires lost

Waking up everyday hoping it all to be a bad dream

only to see those hopes exhaust

Who could have known

My demons are still holding me back,

Keeping me from moving on,

probably the only thing where

the angels and demons agreed upon

One didn’t want to lose you

and the other liked the pain of holding on

to those beautiful moments that we shared

which were now bygone…

It wasn’t anything like they show in the movies

neither was it like anyone out there

The uniqueness was the best thing we held

of our love that no one could compare

Well life isn’t what you expect it to be

it teaches you the most in your dips

When that last ray of light goes off

and you can’t see your own tears rolling over your lips

It’s then when you learn to adapt to the darkness

waiting for the Sun to rise from the eclipse

Well was I strong enough?

No I wasn’t, but sure I got there, with a smile,

smiling through the pain, over the memories,

only to make new ones walking that new mile.

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