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  • Kunal Kishore

Thank you past

It's a quiet foggy sunday night

and there's darkness surrounding me

yet my eyes refuse to shut tonight

for there's haunting memories roaming free

Oh yes i'm drunk i drank i had to

to stop my brain from realizing

that it was my fault all along

and it still is for i never apologized

all this time when i was in the wrong

Maybe i thought people never leave

taken for granted their lending hands

kept digging my own grave oh foolish me

buried myself in the lonely sands

I still thought i could survive alone

or maybe i was afraid to call for help

couldn't even see myself surviving anymore

for the eyes had shut crying in guilt

I wish i could sleep in peace at last

burying my mistakes with my dreams

only if i could god knows i tried

but my demons wouldn't let me free

Sure my past got written in stone

carrying it i would sink only deeper i thought

well god said there'll be more helping hands

that'll pull me out i just have to hold on

Oh yes i got drunk i had to

to realize and face my deepest guilt

to thank you for being in my life then

to thank you for being in my life still...


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