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  • Mahima Pandit

The Best Piece

And, that night we met.

I can't forget those shimmering eyes, deep into my eyes. We met.

My eyes are flooded when I see you go.

When I see you cry. And,

When I miss you.

You have become so important to me, that I can't think of losing you.

Letting you go, will be letting myself, my soul, my life go faway from me.

I wanna hold on to you.

Keep my head leaning on your shoulder.

Wanna feel your finger tips, and know you are there to wipe my tears.

Wanna feel your hands around me, to feel the warmth and know that you are the one.

I can't let you go.

All I ever want, ever needed is you and your love is everything to me.

And, that night we met.

All those overflown memories we've made.

All those things we've said.

All those circumstances we've faced.

All those sacrifices we've done.

All those gestures we've loved.

All those times we've been there.

And, All those feelings we've got.

Nobody could ever be strong enough to break this.

Nobody is in our lives to make us disbelieve in us.

And, Nobody is there alive to break us apart.

And love, that night we met

You made me believe in love.

You showed the meaning of true love.

You made me feel how you feel about us.

You made us stronger than never before.

You made me strong, about us.

You are so important to us, to me.

And you, you are irreplaceable.

And we? Are inseparable.

And our relation? Is Immortal.

This is all I felt

At the night we met.

Our eyes met.

Our heartbeat met.

Our lips met.

Our hands tangled.

Our souls met.

And love, that night we met.

All I wanna say is, I am not letting this die.

I can't let it die.

Because, if It dies, I would be dead inside.

I can't let this go,

Because if it does, I am lost.

Because your eyes are all I can feel in mine.

Your hands are all I can feel on my face.

your lips are all I can feel mine sealed.

Your body is all I can feel over mine.

And your heartbeat is all I can feel with mine.

And love, we are immortal.

This is with us right now and always and forever will be. Even if we die, this will never will.

Never will.

You know why?

Because, this happened,

When The night we met.


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