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  • Kunal Kishore

The Destined Traveller

Waving a goodbye to my family who I adored

packed everything up, and got in my Ford

I could not reverse so I hit the road

and started a journey, leaving behind all the load

Dont know the route where I would land

yet my mind's driving, steering with my hand

I saw this guy his car broken down

exhausted he looked, on his face full of frown

So i helped him and gave this guy a ride

and together we drove towards the countryside

We made a promise to each other

that we'd remember our journey forever

We then said goodbyes and left to fate

embarked in our hearts the moment, marked on our calendars the date

I reached back to my monotonous life and saw the news he died

I couldn't remember his face but i did recall the entire ride

It was fun, the journey with that guy

the guy from the broke down car

only if i could save him once more

and travel once again somewhere far..

but somehow it seemed like déjà vu

I've felt this helplessness before too

And as the truth unfolded it's dark secrets

realisation fired upon me like burning bullets..

The broke down car was a roadside pit

and the person was an abandoned pup

The fact that I am a dog rescuer lit

with tears for who couldn't live and gave up..

Yes I tried my best to save this dog again,

But sadly all my efforts went in vain

It was the depression which made me lose my mind just now

I don't remember when it started or how..

Just that I wish there'd be a day when I'm out of a job

when there's no more abandoned pets for me to sob

I'm happy with the ones that I could save

But i still fear digging up another grave..

Here I go again searching for another boy with a broken car

I'm a dog rescuer still going on my journey someplace far

I'm a dog rescuer still going on my journey someplace far.......


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