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  • Mahima Pandit

Without You

Don't want to wake up,

Without you next to me,

I have been fading into

The memories, of you.

Sometimes, at times,

I wish you were here with me.

To greet me with your smile

With that beautiful face.

I am so used to,

Laying beside me

Goofing around

And not caring about how

The world is turning beside me.

Letting you go,

Was leaping from the heights,

Didn't know the landing is going hurt me

To the core

To death.

Wishing I could bring you back,

Right where we were.

The stupid stuff

The cozy memories

The little fights

The love we shared

The paradise we built.

It's been that time,

At night,

I don't want to fall asleep,


I am not seeing that face,

In the morning again.

And it's staying in my dreams.

In my memories.

I miss you so much

That it's true.

What they say about me.

Without you,

I am mess.

Without you,

There is no thinking straight,

Because you were the only one,

That kept me sane.

Without you,

I am walking mess.

But, if ever, if ever,

I get this one in a million chance,

I would put us in the same place.

At the right time,

To remind you,

What we were, was a masterpiece,

Of a lifetime.


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