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  • Mahima Pandit


Nobody's life is perfect.

Nobody is.

It's everyday to survive.

Whether to make it count

With a tear or smile.

Could it be, when you look at a stranger?

Thousands of smile thrown in all directions.

But, reality? You Never know.

Unless you knock the door at midnight

And say, hey? I am here!

If incase, no one is there, you know that

How worth is your life.

To live it for someone.

Someone who could be permanent.

Or Could be temporary.

Stay with you or say you goodbye

The one, will make you believe that

Yes, I am lucky for you.

Or, wave to wish you a good luck

For, if you live or die.

And, once loneliness hits.

Barely, hard it is to think.

To think.

To be seen by.

All the darts of life.

Strike to knock you down.

But, then you are board

Having scares all over. With a smile.

But shamefully they see,

They see those dots on numbers.

And count to who scored on you the most.

Yes, there are many out there

to make you hurt.

By leaving you alone


By coming and destroying

The life you had when you were better.

Better left alone. Better alone and tough.

Than being used up and thrown.

Trust me, you need no one to survive.

Just a ray of light won't light the room.

It would light your way.

But which way?

To real, that ray of happiness or

That darker room again?

The room of sadness.

The room you wanted to escape.

The suffering you face

When you see yourself in that mirror.

That mirror you broke with a stone.

Just Like your broken reflection.

Losing yourself in those broken pieces.

And then, That one eye, you see in the mirror

Turned red.

It speaks of you, that one eye.

You don't wanna show.

You want to swallow your hurt

And your tears.

But at the same time you wanna breathe.

You make own your life, they say

Your own mark.

But how true it is?

To be judged by

To be threatened by

To be beaten by.

To be hurt by.

Yes, you are the reason behind your suffering

They will say.

Point all the fingers and

You are at fault, will say.

No, you want to breathe.

You wanna show who you are.

You know you are more than they think.


When you try to lift up,

You try to perceive,

Fall and rise

Again and again

With your wounds

And finally, bleed it out.

After once,

And all




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