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  • Mahima Pandit

Love Yourself

It's how the things start in a sudden gush of water streams, with every heartbeat we feel. The feeling of just being in the moment, when we meet that special one. Isn't it how it is felt when having a sip of a hot chocolate in a mug, near a relaxing, warm fireplace while it's snowing outside? Or when you drink cold water down that roughed up, dried up, throat after long runs under the sun? It sums up all the satisfaction, relief, a little coziness and also adds up the rush in our veins, when we just have talk about little things with that person. The person becomes our personal diary. It knows about how the day went and how the night resided, with a little secret notes folded like pages. Shinny, bright, and becomes brighter as the time passes. It's feels like boredom is never going to strike you because this person is going to be one call away. You feel that you can't get enough of it and love this person so deeply and truly, but forget ourselves. Forget what is in ourselves, but it doesn't matter, because at that time, even throwing ourselves away, feels right.

Then, as the bad phase begins to show up, it's all fading apart. All the flaws of oneself storm into our faces. The anger, the lust, the ego, the self-respect, everything comes in line, and you begin to think that "this isn't the same person I met or did I just rush things?". You don't feel cozy anymore, satisfaction or relief. None of this makes sense to you. You still hang by yourself, to make things work. Instead you keep crying it out and request this person to stay. But, by this time, it's too late, this person knows you better, like a torn diary still has the inked words. Knows you, your flaws and your little imperfections which you thought would never bother you. And, then, when you look up to yourself again, you have already lost yourself, in this tiny little magical world, the person made up. You hate everything around you. You keep uttering everything is going to be fine. But, it's just makes you sad and drinks up the whole life in you.

Crying in your bedroom, suffering to why you aren't perfect for anyone? You see those little words written on wall in the mirror. "Life is a gift. Make the most out of this present."

This is life. This isn't over. This isn't over you or anyone of us. It's moves on, goes on. Right? Because it's your life. You control it.

And, finally, when you stand up, you walk towards your reflection and smile. You want to show who you are, to the world.

And when you dress up, and see yourself in the mirror, you feel the bliss and the coziness again.

Because you know what? You have learnt to love yourself, first.

Say, that you are perfect, to yourself in the mirror. Pamper yourself and make yourself glow.

Because that's the person you are always and forever going to live with.

Stay in touch with the little soul inside you.

Because, in the end, it matters the most.


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