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  • Mahima Pandit

Believe in yourself

Back in the days, I could see myself.

Working hard and trying to be better than yesterday.

But I never thought, I was just getting better, bit by bit everyday.

It was an ink drip, lining the words on an empty page.

Just to make, every word, perfect.

Back in the days, when there were pitfalls.

Shattered with my thoughts, did the pages,

Piling up and falling off the trash

With wrinkling being reflected on the pages

Resembling the frustration mounted in my head.

But after all this, never thought.

Those were the days of bitter struggles.

To a sweet success.

Back in the days, When I was laughed at

My writing, my thoughts, were called a joke,

Nobody around me, supported.

Uplifting my ideas, I just shrunk down,

All ignored, judged and burnt down in ashes.

Giving up was like the easiest path

And felt as if everyone wanted me to.

But, believing in myself, got me to these glory days.

Yes, those were the days, where my struggles were laughed at,

But, now, my success is kissed at.

A note to self, believe in yourself.

Whoever tries to bring you down

Toss them out of your life,

Because those are the crabs who are going let you down.

Make space for yourself and your soul

Because what your soul feels is always right.

This is all, what I feel about my self today

Every motivational step I had taken

Every inspirational quote, rose me up this high,

And, If not, for all the fight, I have won till today.

Never give up.

Or else, I never would've been where I stand today.

Or else, I would've given up and never tried again.

Or else, I wouldn't have picked up my pen again.

Those were the days,

When I never gave up.

Because self belief is the strongest,

And, the most powerful weapon

You could have within yourself.

Because, Glory is not far away.

Back in the days,

I smiled at them now, thinking

I have had my rough nights and now are the best days.

Stay with yourself

Stay by your side

Be your own shadow

Because those are the days,

When you believed in yourself the most.


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